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Top Ten Perth is the place to find the best of Perth. Catering to the more out of the way categories and interests, Top Ten Perth offers what so many cannot, namely a dynamic list of answers to those unusual questions like “What’s the best thing to do after work on a weekday”.

Where to for breakfast?

  • Top Ten Breakfast Spots

    Top Ten Breakfast Spots

    They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While that may be a popular saying it doesn't mean that it's taken particularly seriously. Here at Top Ten Perth we still see people dishonouring the meal that sets you up for the day, for shame! So what… Read More »

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  • Joe and Portia’s dog friendly map

    Joe and Portia’s dog friendly map

    Take a look at Joe and Portias dog friendly map. The map was made by friends of the site Joe and Portia. They were sick of trying to work out which places allow dogs, so they did the right thing and created a map. Good on them! WARNING: While every… Read More »
  • Top Ten Beaufort Street

    Top Ten Beaufort Street

    Beaufort street is pretty unique. With public art at every corner and funky shops at every turn it's a very worthy place to spend any part of the day. Breakfast is catered for, brunch is catered for, dinner is catered for and pub crawls are most certainly catered for. The… Read More »
  • Top Ten Lunch Spots

    Top Ten Lunch Spots

    Lunch time is, for many, just an in between meal. For those it's just something that has to be done to fill the stomach on an average day. If you're one of those people, you're missing out. For other lunch time is a special time of the day, a opportunity… Read More »
  • Top Ten Breakfast Spots

    Top Ten Breakfast Spots

    They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While that may be a popular saying it doesn't mean that it's taken particularly seriously. Here at Top Ten Perth we still see people dishonouring the meal that sets you up for the day, for shame! So what… Read More »
  • Top Ten Night Owls (places open in the middle of the night)

    Top Ten Night Owls (places open in the middle of the night)

    So it's the middle of the night, and you're not ready for sleep. You're a true night owl. You wanna get out there. You wanna see all the other weirdos that are up at this hour, don't you. But where oh where is open? We here at Top Ten Perth… Read More »
  • Top Ten Sunday Sessions

    Top Ten Sunday Sessions

    The Sunday session is something close to many Perthians Hearts. Born of odd licensing regulation it is now a stable part of the night scene in the city. So what exactly is a Sunday sesh? Well it's a session of drinking and grazing on pub grub where you start drinking… Read More »
  • Top Ten weekend mini trips

    Top Ten weekend mini trips

    We all know that cabin fever feeling. You want to get out of the house but you just don't know where to go. This can hit during the week, but it's much worse on the weekend. A weekend spent indoors feels like a wasted weekend. So what can be done?… Read More »
  • Top Ten work night fun

    Top Ten work night fun

    The hours between 5pm and 10pm on a work night can feel like a barren wasteland. Sure restaurants and bars are open, but what about something different on a work night. Date night for many couples can become monotonous, especially when it's always just a meal. For some the routine… Read More »
  • Top Ten Sports Bars

    Top Ten Sports Bars

    Many of us know the scene. You’re new to a city however you simply must catch the game. A badly prepared person will run into every pub like a headless chicken. You’ll know what station the game is on but you’ll run around like crazy looking for a bar that… Read More »
  • Top Ten Taste of Perth Festival

    Top Ten Taste of Perth Festival

    Perth Food festivals are a special part of the cities cultural makeup. With their variety and depth of tastes they show us the huge choice that's available in our cities culinary landscape. Taste of Perth is a world leading restaurant festival, one that will for just a few days, house… Read More »
  • Top Tips Taste of Perth food festival

    Top Tips Taste of Perth food festival

    1.     Arrive early It's a food festival like no other, so give yourself plenty of time to really make the most of it. There are lunch and dinner sessions and no matter what session you choose, plan to get there when the gates open so that you can… Read More »
  • Top Ten shopping spots

    Top Ten shopping spots

    Any good shopping connoisseur will tell you how difficult it can be to find a happy hunting ground. When you come to a new town or city finding the best collection of shops can be a challenge. This can be especially tricky if your what's called a “browser” and love… Read More »
  • Top Ten road to Kalgoorlie

    Top Ten road to Kalgoorlie

    “The road to Kalgoorlie is a total bore, what on earth are you driving for?!”. Those were the words of many colleagues and friends when I announced that I was planning to drive to the WA city of gold. So why is driving, as oppose to flying to Kalgoorlie so… Read More »
  • Top Ten Wildlife parks and Zoos

    Top Ten Wildlife parks and Zoos

    As a city dweller the opportunities to see wild animals is relatively minimal. The chances of interacting with kangaroos or koala bears is usually relatively low. The most you can normally expect is a fleeting glance as a roo chases across some of the more remote roadways. While this can… Read More »
  • Top Ten Karaoke Bars

    Top Ten Karaoke Bars

    Ah, the karaoke night. Songs are butchered, inappropriate dance moves are thrust upon unsuspecting bystanders and songs are butchered. As bonding sessions go its got to be on the top of the list as duets bring together unusual pairings and song choices bring cringes and laughs. Done well a good… Read More »
  • Top Ten outside Perth

    Top Ten outside Perth

    This top ten is not really a Perth top ten as such. The ten is made up of places and attractions not too far outside of Perth which make a trek outside of the safety of the city worthwhile. When you live in a city which is over one thousand… Read More »
  • Top Ten rainey day fun

    Top Ten rainey day fun

    There are times when even the toasty Perth runs short on sunshine. For those times one must grab ones metaphorical thinking cap and plunge deep into thought. There are the standard bearers; the cinema and the shopping centres, but what about the lesser talked about options? Every city has these… Read More »
  • Top Ten Water Saving Tips

    Top Ten Water Saving Tips

    1. Limit your showers to 4 minutes or less 2. Don't leave the tap running when brushing your teeth 3. Only run your dishwasher and washing machine with a full load 4. Don't flush rubbish 5. Look out for water efficient shower head (WELS rated 3 star or above) 6.… Read More »
  • Top Ten City Festivals

    Top Ten City Festivals

    Ah festivals, good one year, terrible the next, they can be unpredictable, however in good cases they can be spectacular. The good ones takeover the city and the bad ones cough and fizzle out with only a few witnesses to tell the tale. So what does Perth have to offer… Read More »
  • Top Ten Wineries

    Top Ten Wineries

    So have you seen the movie sideways? For those who have not the movie centres around two men who go on an epic wine tour with entertaining and mixed results. If you want to go on your own wine tour this top ten is a great starting point. Ok, I… Read More »
  • Top Ten Hotels

    Top Ten Hotels

    Good hotels are everywhere, however good value is not. Since we started paying to stay in each others caves the hotel industry has been striving towards the "ultimate customer experience". Despite all of this, getting good value at a top hotel can be a challenge. Over the years many different… Read More »
  • Top Ten sports teams

    Top Ten sports teams

    Walk on the beach, drive past you local park or jog along a path and you'll begin to notice something. Its hard to miss the sheer levels of people out and about exercising, playing or otherwise staying healthy. Happily for everyone who also enjoys watching sport this does translate to… Read More »
  • Top Ten Watersports

    Top Ten Watersports

    So your thinking watersports? Well, youve hit the right city. Even in the cooler winter months Perth will on average, offer more hot days than most of the other Australian cities. With warm water currents the city is a perfect playground for anyone with a fondness of all things aquatic.… Read More »
  • Top Ten Water Fun

    Top Ten Water Fun

    Ok, so we don't really have ten on this, but we couldn't leave it out (a few of the entries are more along the lines of high quality swimming pools). I remember my own childhood days of loving everything a waterpark had to offer only to suffer immensely from the… Read More »
  • Top Ten dip-dab Swan Valley

    Top Ten dip-dab Swan Valley

    So I should explain the dip-dab part. Essentially a dip-dab tour is the name we coined for a tour which doesn’t involve any serious amount of alcohol, and revolves around driving and dropping into a number of different micro fooderies, attractions and workshops. Each dip involves nipping into a location… Read More »
  • Top Ten Beer Gardens

    Top Ten Beer Gardens

    Clarity is all important here. From the outset it's important to note that we are not talking about rooftop areas here. Now we love rooftop areas as much as the next crew but that top ten is for another day. This top ten is all about the beer garden and the… Read More »
  • Top Ten websites for Perth newbies

    Top Ten websites for Perth newbies

    *We don’t normally put in an 11th entry, but seriously, if you’re from overseas you really need to sort this as soon as possible. So you're a newbie, you're fresh off the boat and you're finding yourself on a steep learning curve. If you're a regular traveler you'll absorb everything… Read More »
  • Top Ten Coffee

    Top Ten Coffee

    Those of us not born in Perth will remember their first weekend in Perth. You decide to use your first few days before you start your new job to drive around the city and get your bearings. While you might love the scenery you may be struck by the different coffee lanscape. While there… Read More »
  • Top Ten Cinemas

    Top Ten Cinemas

    “I don't know why we go here, the parking is terrible, the place isn’t clean and the good movies are always sold out”. Those were the words of a friend of mine on the state of his now least favourite Perth cinema. Cinema selection is usually based around movie start… Read More »
  • Top Ten Spas and Relax

    Top Ten Spas and Relax

    Like many top tens this one is a real challenge to weave. What constitutes a good day/medi spa? Does it need to be outside the city, does it need lots of facilities or does it need to offer great service? So many things can lead to a truly relaxing experience… Read More »
  • Top Ten Rottnest Fun

    Top Ten Rottnest Fun

    Rottnest is a surprising place. Sure it has its issues with high prices and some missing tourist infrastructure yet it remains the must see place for any visitor or local. So what is a must see or do in this must visit location? I went to the island and searched far and… Read More »
  • Top Ten Gyms

    Top Ten Gyms

    For some it’s the classes, for others it’s the location and for the bold it’s the view. What is it that makes a good gym or gym chain? After years of stretching, pulling and listening to shouty trainers we have an idea. Creating a top ten is however still a… Read More »
  • Top Ten Parks

    Top Ten Parks

    Picnics, barbecues, impromptu frisbie and great views are just some of the things we hope for from a good city park. For some it's a flavour of the bush within driving distance. Whatever your preference it's always important to know what exactly is on offer and where and when it… Read More »
  • Top Ten Gay Scene

    Top Ten Gay Scene

    Perth is a gay friendly city, however its not a particularly large city. The gay scene is vibrant but honestly we struggled to create a top ten dedicated to one specific aspect of the scene itself. This is common in cities of less than two million people. For what Perth… Read More »
  • Top Ten Markets

    Top Ten Markets

    From tacky key-rings, to epic works of art, a market can present unpredictable offerings. A good one will offer a diverse range of goods and services while a bad one will literally offer very little. Markets are places you go to when you don’t know exactly what your looking for.… Read More »
  • Top Ten Perth Made Beers

    Top Ten Perth Made Beers

    The local brew, sometimes good, sometimes bad but always worth a shot. Good local beers should have an attachment to the land and the raw materials, in good cases, should come from the local area . A local beer can tell a lot about an area, it can tell you… Read More »
  • Top Ten Restaurants

    Top Ten Restaurants

    “Where should we go tonight darling” this comment, along with a long pause is a staple conversation of almost all food loving couples. The cream of the crop may not be easy to frequent on a regular basis however knowing which ones are top and which are not is helpful.… Read More »
  • Top Ten Nightspots

    Top Ten Nightspots

    The “get to know Northbridge” adverts are currently being pumped out by the business association of the inner city suburb. As good and as appealing as these adverts may be there are other nightspots to check out in the Perth area. Nightspots, pubs and lounges are dotted all over the… Read More »
  • Top Ten Music Venues

    Top Ten Music Venues

    This one has been argued over many a table. Fingers have been pointed and fists have been pounded. Creating top tens for music lovers is a challenge made only harder since the movie “High fidelity”. Emotion runs high in this specific area and music fans can be....well....fanatical. In the end… Read More »
  • Top Ten Breweries

    Top Ten Breweries

    Ah the brewery tour, it's said that if you can't arrange a piss up in one you lack in some form of organisational skills. While organising a piss up in one may not be a challenge, organising a brewery to offer a great customer experience is a real challenge. The… Read More »
  • Top Ten Kings Park

    Top Ten Kings Park

    Kings park is a great place, its a huge park in the middle of the city. Close enough to the city to offer amazing views and big enough to have its own patch of bushland (untouched environments). Yes its the number one place to go in the top ten list… Read More »
  • Top Ten Golfesq

    Top Ten Golfesq

    So you want to play golf, but you don’t want anything serious? For many there are days when you simply do not want to hit the course. For these days their are the other brothers and sisters of the golf family. Driving ranges, pitch and putt and crazy/mini golf can… Read More »
  • Top Ten Golf Clubs

    Top Ten Golf Clubs

    Like a good festival a good game of golf is predicated by a good day with few or no weather surprises. With a climate which only briefly deteriorates to heavy downpours Perth is more or less a good place to take your chances. I realise that a top ten golf… Read More »
  • Top Ten Freebies

    Top Ten Freebies

    In this one we wanted to get specific. “Go to Kings park” doesn't quite give a newbie or the seasoned veteran any new insights. In this case the specifics are all important as with free services the promotion and information available can be minimal. For this reason we chose to… Read More »
  • Top Ten Music and Arts Festivals

    Top Ten Music and Arts Festivals

    As a side note we need to point out that the page on festivals like Australia day or St. Patricks day are listed as “city festivals”. Music festivals are tough in some places. If the weather is too hot the result can be crab like beings shuffling around a dry… Read More »
  • Top Ten Beaches

    Top Ten Beaches

    Barbecues, surfing, tanning and so much more is offered at so many of Perths beaches. However finding the right one is a real challenge. Some days the most appealing beach is the quietest and some days you can crave your home comforts with cafes and bars nearby. Some may have… Read More »
  • Top Ten Attractions

    Top Ten Attractions

    Perth has many attractions, sure its not a vast sprawling metropolis, but it does have its charms. What makes these charms particularly positive is very simple, it has an almost perfect cross between safety and good weather which is difficult to find in the English speaking world. [do_widget id=text-4][do_widget id=mr_rating_results_list-18]… Read More »
  • Top Ten Hostels

    Top Ten Hostels

    So we had to do this one. We had to write an article to sort the great from the not so great in the world of hostels. With hostels the bare basics of the good ones are the same as the basics of a hotel. In saying this the elements… Read More »
  • Top Ten First Dates

    Top Ten First Dates

    Ah, the first date, the social equivalent of setting out your stall. Considering how important other elements have in the laws of attraction, does the first date really matter? The answer, rightly or wrongly, for to most part, is yes. For many it’s not so much the money spent or… Read More »
  • Top Ten Snorkelling Spots

    Top Ten Snorkelling Spots

    In all truthfulness this top ten was possibly the most challenging of all. Snorkelling spots are very close to our hearts here at Top Ten Perth. Simply put there is nothing better than a still day, a snorkel mask and a bucket load of fish to look at. Looking up… Read More »
  • Top Ten International Bars and International Themed Venues

    Top Ten International Bars and International Themed Venues

    Getting your fix of great and good foreign beverages can be a real challenge in any city. For locals it’s tricky to find a favourite from overseas and for visitors it can be a bit of a fuss to get to a niche favourite that’s not otherwise popular. With all… Read More »
  • The best of the new menu at The Aviary

    The best of the new menu at The Aviary

    It takes a pretty cold person to dislike the Aviary. Its rooftop beer garden looks like its taken directly from some sort of utopian beer advert or high society soap opera. The cityscape views are pretty impressive, even on colder days. But alas, that rooftop is not what we’ll be… Read More »
  • Top Ten Margaret River Gourmet Escape

    Top Ten Margaret River Gourmet Escape

    1 - Gourmet Village - 11am-5.30pm on Saturday 22nd and 11am-5pm on Sunday 23rd November - Leeuwin Estate Winery 2 - Food For Thought - 11.00am-12.30pm Friday 21st November - Voyager Estate 3 - Audi Gourmet Beach BBQs - 5.00-9.00pm Friday 21st November - Castle Bay Beach, Castle Rock Road off Meelup Beach… Read More »
  • Top Ten Korean BBQs

    Top Ten Korean BBQs

    Here at top ten Perth we are very, very, very big fans of Korean BBQ. We constantly find ourselves looking out for and listening out for new places to sample the delights and we are permanently in awe of this great way to eat. Of course, we like steamboat too,… Read More »
  • Top Ten Stirling Range

    Top Ten Stirling Range

    Stirling range is a very special place for Western Australia. Located just under 5 hours from Perth it’s well within reasonable car journey length. Considering how flat the area around Perth actually is it’s a real revelation to see something as dramatic as Bluff Knoll standing proud amongst the other… Read More »
  • Top Ten- Multicultural Night Under the Stars – Saturday February 28th 2015

    Top Ten- Multicultural Night Under the Stars – Saturday February 28th 2015

    Ancestrais Capoeira -bring power, speed and awe inspiring techniques in the form of an ancient Brazilian martial arts that combines dance, music and acrobatics – and perform for the first time in Bunbury The Bunbury Fijian group’s vigorous war dance includes many members of their community, with the children stealing… Read More »

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