Top Ten websites for Perth newbies

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*We don’t normally put in an 11th entry, but seriously, if you’re from overseas you really need to sort this as soon as possible.

So you’re a newbie, you’re fresh off the boat and you’re finding yourself on a steep learning curve. If you’re a regular traveler you’ll absorb everything and you’ll take the differences in your stride. If, on the other hand, Perth is just the first or second city you’ve ever lived in, things can be a little intimidating. With the dazed and confused new arrivals in mind we have put together all the most notable websites that you’ll need in those tricky first few months.

Statue of Paddy Hannan, who was the ultimate Perth newbie, my own personal favourite Irish Australian

What gets a website to number 1?

The great websites really are the number 1 places you need to check out. They have the largest aggregated selection of cars for sale, places for rent, things to know and basically stuff to get up to speed on. It’s of particular importance as Perth is a unique city in many respects and can have some unique aspects that newbies may not expect. The sites available really do have everything and managed well you can easily get some great deals.

Why are the others in the mix?

This is not a true top ten in the strictest sense as newbies to the city will really need to keep almost all of the entries in mind. Keeping all ten in mind can help you avoid some of the more frustrating mistakes. The list can also help you blend into the city especially if, like me, you came to the city on your own. The best sites and points were chosen on their power to make a difference to the life of the new Perthian.

Final thoughts

Coming to a new city or a new country is a big change. From first hand experience I can say that it can be both an emotional challenge and a real test of ones resourcefulness. New entrants into a city need to be acutely aware of the main themes their new city brings. As good as our lists are, listening hard to locals and what they recommend is still important, as at times it can be difficult to get all the information you need online. Resources like and make a big difference especially when the home sickness or a little social isolation kicks in.

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