Top Ten road to Kalgoorlie

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“The road to Kalgoorlie is a total bore, what on earth are you driving for?!”. Those were the words of many colleagues and friends when I announced that I was planning to drive to the WA city of gold. So why is driving, as oppose to flying to Kalgoorlie so important? After much thought, I decided that it was important to understand how much of a feat of engineering and ambition a road and a pipeline to a town essentially in the middle of nowhere really was. The road shows, on both sides, how western australians accomplished the undoable and sent power, water and everything else in between to the mining town. Far from being a hackneyed symbol of Western Australian pride (Western Australians don’t seem to consider it special) the road, the pipeline and their working systems show raw Western Australian ambition in its finest form.

What makes a number 1 listings on the road to Kalgoorlie?

The road to Kalgoorlie is a real piece of Australian history. It offers adventurers a glimpse into the world of some of the most pioneering men and women that built Australia. The number one entry may not necessarily represent this rich history, but the list does represent many different sights which will give an insight into the famous road.

What gets the others in?

There is a lot to see on the road however there is a lot of gaps where very there is very little of any interests at all. For those times the key thing to do is to look at the magnificence of the vast parks and wilderness of Western Australia. What gets the others in is something which captures the attention of any touring party with layers of things to see and do, novelty also gets features in especially when the drive gets a little tedious.

Final thoughts

Kalgoorlie, the Goldfields, the road and the pipeline are all Western Australia’s version of Las Vegas. The town of Kalgoorlie itself, although a little rough around the edges, is a magnificent example of Australiana. Dripping with colonial architecture and classic australian features the town makes the drive well worth it. Even without the town at the end the trip to Kalgoorlie is one of the most historic roads in Australia. With over 100 years of history it’s no surprise that there’s more than 10 things to see as you cross the wheat and goldfields of western Australia.Why is Scarborough number 1?

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