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Those of us not born in Perth will remember their first weekend in Perth. You decide to use your first few days before you start your new job to drive around the city and get your bearings. While you might love the scenery you may be struck by the different coffee lanscape. While there still is a lack of good coffee in the service stations the same cannot be said of the coffee houses in the city and suburbs. The competition seems to heat up most around the city centre however the suburbs also have their own share of first class coffee.

Some nice roasted coffee beans here. Have you ever tried eating them whole? It can be nice but ultimately not that rewarding, they taste a little bitter and have a funny texture.

What gets an entry to number 1?

Like with most subjective things, it takes big numbers to really see what  is shining out from the pack. With that in mind we trawled far and wide to get to a comprehensive view of what was top trumps and what was good but not quite number 1. Coffee needs a distinct flavour, a quality bean and great baristas, Our number one takes the top spot as it does all of these things with gusto.

Why are the others in the mix?

The others get in for the same reasons. They offer something beyond the normal when it comes to a rich coffee experience and they can do this with real consistency. Sure, some of the reviews take into account other factors such as the quality of the coffee house atmosphere or the general service. This is an important point which shows the imperfect nature of a top ten which focuses only on the coffee itself.

Final thoughts

Coffee can be a sensitive subject. For the purists even the most mild difference can be noticed while for the novice drinker instant and fresh coffee are barely decipherable. With this in mind we lent on quite a few review sites to make sure we were up to date and to make sure we had the best opinions in our arsenal. We also polled quite a few friends and family to ensure that we had the right players in the list. Like the articles on restaurants we would expect this one to show quite a bit of change over the years as well.

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