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Like many top tens this one is a real challenge to weave. What constitutes a good day/medi spa? Does it need to be outside the city, does it need lots of facilities or does it need to offer great service? So many things can lead to a truly relaxing experience that its difficult to create some form of consistency. With this in mind we based the list mainly on a mix of good reviews, facilities and service. We also had to dig deep online to find out what customers were saying about the different options. At times it was difficult to distinguish company sponsored posts from real bona fide reviews. Yes, some will disagree but it must be said that most reviews point to theses as the foundations at least.

Nice pool there, I always liked steam rooms myself. I'm not sure of the health benefits but I know I like them

What gets an entry to number 1?

Judging by the reviews and clear abundance of facilities the title of who takes number one leads to serious competition. A number one day spa/medi spa needs to offer both beauty treatments and relaxation treatments. The number one in this case takes the title as its range covers a solid number of differing services. Having more than one location can also help but only if all locations are of high standard and customers experience is improved by a multiple location approach (vouchers taken at all locations for example).

Why are the others in the top ten?

For a day spa or medi spa to get into the list they must have a solid range and some form of review history online. Simply put it’s almost impossible to cover all the treatments and spas the city has to offer so a little online trust has to come into play.  From number two to number 10 the “best of the rest” held their own well in the online review world.

Final thoughts

Like many services days/medi spas don’t usually come with guarantees. When buying for yourself or buying a voucher for someone, you need to do at least level one research. If you are buying for yourself try to consider how the treatment will fit into your day. Equally if you are buying for someone else try to think out the logistics as its not much use getting a relaxing massage only to scream at traffic on the way home.

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