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Joe and Portia’s dog friendly map 5/5 (3)

Take a look at Joe and Portias dog friendly map. The map was made by friends of the site Joe and Portia. They were sick of trying to work out which places allow dogs, so they did the right thing

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Top Ten Beaufort Street

top beaufort street

Beaufort street is pretty unique. With public art at every corner and funky shops at every turn it’s a very worthy place to spend any part of the day. Breakfast is catered for, brunch is catered for, dinner is catered

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Top Ten Lunch Spots

Bit of grub in this pic, nice load of food going on, always popular

Lunch time is, for many, just an in between meal. For those it’s just something that has to be done to fill the stomach on an average day. If you’re one of those people, you’re missing out. For other lunch

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Top Ten Breakfast Spots

This one looks like a bit of a starchy breakfast, looks like it would go down a treat after a night of overindulgence

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While that may be a popular saying it doesn’t mean that it’s taken particularly seriously. Here at Top Ten Perth we still see people dishonouring the meal that

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Top Ten work night fun

This couple seems to be at odds of where to go during the mid week. Note the man has a nice moustache, moustaches are underrated if you ask us

The hours between 5pm and 10pm on a work night can feel like a barren wasteland. Sure restaurants and bars are open, but what about something different on a work night. Date night for many couples can become monotonous, especially

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Top Ten Taste of Perth Festival

Perth Food festivals are a special part of the cities cultural makeup. With their variety and depth of tastes they show us the huge choice that’s available in our cities culinary landscape. Taste of Perth is a world leading restaurant

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Top Ten shopping spots

shopping street in perth

Any good shopping connoisseur will tell you how difficult it can be to find a happy hunting ground. When you come to a new town or city finding the best collection of shops can be a challenge. This can be

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Top Ten Hotels

crown casino in Perth, you know the fountain in the middle comes from the tears of those who lost at the blackjack table

Good hotels are everywhere, however good value is not. Since we started paying to stay in each others caves the hotel industry has been striving towards the “ultimate customer experience”. Despite all of this, getting good value at a top

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Top Ten dip-dab Swan Valley

nice chocolate fountain here, bit impractical if you ask me

So I should explain the dip-dab part. Essentially a dip-dab tour is the name we coined for a tour which doesn’t involve any serious amount of alcohol, and revolves around driving and dropping into a number of different micro fooderies,

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Top Ten Beer Gardens

Nice beer garden here. Not really sure what's going on, lots of beanie hats on show, not sure I trust this crowd.

Clarity is all important here. From the outset it’s important to note that we are not talking about rooftop areas here. Now we love rooftop areas as much as the next crew but that top ten is for another day. This

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