Top Ten International Bars and International Themed Venues

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Getting your fix of great and good foreign beverages can be a real challenge in any city. For locals it’s tricky to find a favourite from overseas and for visitors it can be a bit of a fuss to get to a niche favourite that’s not otherwise popular. With all this in mind we thought we would put together a nice top ten list with all the best international bars or even just the bars that offer a real element of international variety. We’ve included all sorts in this one from the beer houses all the way to the Hawaii style cocktail joints and as much as we could include in between.

Top Rating International Bars and Themed Venues

1 Belgian Beer house - Perth CBD 4.75/5 (8)
2 Rosie O’Gradys - Northbridge 4.56/5 (9)
3 Tiger lils - Perth CBD 4/5 (6)
4 El Publico - Highgate 3.67/5 (6)
5 Durty Nellys - Perth CBD 3.63/5 (8)
6 Andaluz Bar - Perth CBD 3.5/5 (10)
7 Hula Bula bar - Perth CBD 3.5/5 (6)
8 Must Bar - Highgate 3.4/5 (5)
9 Mustang Bar - Northbridge 3/5 (4)
10 The Moon And Sixpence - Perth CBD 3/5 (2)

Some beer in this picture, bit too much foam though. Maybe the photographer took the photo to kill time while he or she was waiting for the foam to go down?

What makes a number 1 international bar or international themed venue?

Take a quick look at the sheer variety of beers on display at a number 1 location and you’ll discover fairly quickly the elements that brings it to number 1. A top venue itself should have a lot of what any beer drinking can appreciate including beer gardens, interesting decor and some serious old school cool. Unlike some bars (less and less thankfully) the taps on display are offering real variety and international favourites are featured. This does make a difference, especially to the beer aficionado who’s a real stickler for the draft version over the bottle.

What gets the others in?

To be honest the rest are a real mix and there is a large variety in the amount of drinks on offer. What’s important on this list is that the entries all offer some degree of expertise in their area which also can be described as unique to at least some degree in the Perth landscape. To put it another way this list is defined mainly by what it doesn’t contain. No bar with three taps of the same old bland beers is included so you can all rest assured that if you do use this list as a beer crawl map you won’t be disappointed.

Final thoughts

Finding a good local can be bit of a sorting battle. Finding a place that has an agreeable atmosphere and a good variety of beers is a bit of a hard stone to find but it does exist in larger than expected doses in the Western Australian capital. In truth the city has upped its game and international and local flavours are now starting to drown out some of the more bland global brands. This really is good news and we can all let out a sigh of relief that almost all of the venues and bars that have taken the risk have been handsomely rewarded.

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