The best of the new menu at The Aviary

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new menuIt takes a pretty cold person to dislike the Aviary. Its rooftop beer garden looks like its taken directly from some sort of utopian beer advert or high society soap opera. The cityscape views are pretty impressive, even on colder days. But alas, that rooftop is not what we’ll be talking about today. In an attempt to beef up it’s offering to the Perthian punters The Aviary has had something bubbling up under the surface (and by surface I mean the rooftop bar) for a while now.

Unbeknownst to us here at TopTenPerth the city centre venue has been slowly but surely building its foodie reputation. We here at TopTenPerth were asked along with some of the cities top bloggers and food writers to give our assessment of how things were going with the restaurant’s new menu. In the grand old tradition of TopTenPerth we decided to put together our favourites in a handy top ranking list. Sure it’s not a top ten, but you get the message.

Our favourite 5

1. Sweet and sour pork belly – Seriously. We love pork belly, and for so many reasons we loved this pork belly. Tender and flavoursome it was the highlight of our evening.
2. Ginger chicken, baby vegetables, cashews and oyster sauce – The textures in this dish were nothing short of perfect. With the flavours working so well alongside it’s no wonder we liked it so much.
3. Five spiced apple pie with rum and raisin – This dish was a surprise. The Aviary’s take on the classic desert had so many unique additions which worked remarkably well.
4. The coconut rice – Despite being a side dish this went well beyond the call of duty. It may have looked like regular rice but it had a flavour all of it’s own.
5. Green tea smoked salmon cakes – We’re not normally big fans of fish cakes but these ones were pretty special. The smoked flavour of the fish with the rice flour coating was the twist that got them into our top five.

The Aviary has a lot going for it. It’s the place to go to after work or on a Saturday night, and it’s in a league of its own when it comes to its layout. Additionally it’s set in a part of town which, with the addition of Jamie’s Italian, has become a real go to spot for the cities foodies. On the strength of its new menu it really can compete with others in the area. The only question that remains is whether or not it’ll be able to convince some of the less informed punters that it’s more than just a classy rooftop.

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