Top Ten City Festivals

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Ah festivals, good one year, terrible the next, they can be unpredictable, however in good cases they can be spectacular. The good ones takeover the city and the bad ones cough and fizzle out with only a few witnesses to tell the tale. So what does Perth have to offer on this front? Admittedly Perth is a slightly more reserved then the festival hotspots of the Caribbean, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t put on a great show.

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What makes a number 1 city celebration or commemorations?

This one really isn’t a fair comparison. Some celebrations will always garner more votes than others because some celebrations are just more outspoken than the more orthodox Australian holidays. For some you get the day of work, for some there’s music, and for some again there’s fireworks and all sorts of things going on citywide. In short a number one city festival, celebration or commemoration needs to offer something that makes us all think and remember what it is we are celebrating.

What gets the others in?

In the festival game consistency is all important. Offering a great experience year on year is very difficult, especially when you think how open street festivals are to the elements. The top ten in this case offer a good mix of outdoor and indoor events. Without this mix a simple rain storm can cause a mass exodus.

Final thoughts

Finding out that you’ve stumbled upon a mega city festival without even planning to do so is very satisfying. This is made all the more fun if you don’t have anything else planned for the rest of the day. Indeed there are very few things which can trump a quality city festival especially if the sun is shining and the attractions are many and varied. With the change of name of Foundation day to WA day I suspect that this top ten will experience a lot of change in the years to come.

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