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Any good shopping connoisseur will tell you how difficult it can be to find a happy hunting ground. When you come to a new town or city finding the best collection of shops can be a challenge. This can be especially tricky if your what’s called a “browser” and love to check out the best of everything before you buy. Ranking the top ten shopping spots was tricky for us as there are so many differing tastes. With this in mind we based the top ten on the highest levels of choice, quality of location and the availability of global brands.

shopping street in perth

What gets a shopping spot to number 1?

The streets or malls location is all important. Whether it’s located in the centre of the Perth CBD or out in the suburbs the location needs to be easy to get to. A good location also needs to be easy to get around. While getting around may not be difficult in shopping centres it can be a challenge in city streets which have not been pedestrianised. Apart from location variety is also hugely important. Nobody wants to go to a spot which has no good cafes or restaurants in which to take a well deserved break.

What gets the other in?

The other shopping spots are featured for their quality and also for their variety. To get into the top ten shopping spots a centre or a street will need to offer the whole afternoon shopping experience. All of the spots in the top ten offer the shopper the full range of stores including cafes, restaurants, clothing the other usual suspects. A great shopping spot should also have an x factor. The difference between a good shopping centre and a great shopping centres should be the proximity of something else worth visiting.

Final thoughts

Shopping spots are human kinds equivalent of the watering hole. A place to come to get food, clothes, accessories and drink, meet friends and most importantly of all “be seen”. Choosing a favourite spot to frequent needs thought and may require some trial and error. Its also good to remember that you may need to pick a spot which suits more than one person. Finding these places outside the city can be tricky. The best advice is to get as many opinions as you can handle.

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