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Perth has many attractions, sure its not a vast sprawling metropolis, but it does have its charms. What makes these charms particularly positive is very simple, it has an almost perfect cross between safety and good weather which is difficult to find in the English speaking world.

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What makes a number 1 Attraction?

Have you seen some of the best attractions Perth has to offer? The place really has it all. Go to the city on any given day and you can enjoy so much. From the gardens to the harbours, from the specialist walks to the museums and galleries the place really is off the charts. What always amazes us is the sheer lack of litter and positive atmosphere in the city.

Why are the others in the mix?

Good city attractions are always a mix between the expected standards and the unexpected and sometimes hidden gems. The other nine on the list feature purely because of their sheer wealth of surprises mixed with their quality facilities. A top ten attraction should offer more than simply what it says on the tin. Top ten quality attractions should continually surprise and offer new sensations and feelings to the passer through.

Final thoughts

Attractions, unlike restraints, or top city nightspots, are not like thieves in the night. They should not last one summer or fall into disrepair and from our thoughts. They should be enduring and special.

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