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Barbecues, surfing, tanning and so much more is offered at so many of Perths beaches. However finding the right one is a real challenge. Some days the most appealing beach is the quietest and some days you can crave your home comforts with cafes and bars nearby. Some may have a major preference in the busy quiet debate but for most its all down to what side of the bed you wake up on. Whatever your choice or favourite may be its always helpful to have the full list ready and available for reference.

Picture of a beach with a few nice waves. From a far it looks like one of those Chinese arch things, but I can assure you it's not as exciting as that.

What gets a beach to number 1?

Simply put some beaches have it all. With so many not far from the city with cafes and restaurants the competition for the number one spot is intense. Add that to the fact that many have good surfing waves and free barbecues and you can see why this list is especially intense. This list is especially interesting given that it puts the old argument, of whether people prefer a quiet beach or a beach with a lot of facilities, to the test.

What gets the others in?

A top Perth beach needs to offer the beach goer everything that’s to be expected from a good day out by the sea. There are very few beaches in Perth which a well seasoned beach goer would complain about. In short almost every beach in Perth will be clean, hot, well maintained and life-guarded. All will offer more than enough sand, clean ocean and of course Perth sunshine.

Final thoughts

Some will testify that the quiet or beaches with facilities beaches should feature higher, but the people and the reviews have spoken. Quiet beaches are beautiful but try and find some beach-side snacks without either facing limited range or high prices and you will struggle. A day out on any beach in Perth is a great idea however Perth beaches do have their own unique hazards. Along with the usual rips and at times unpredictable environments their is an additional concern; the shark. While the locals will play this down it must be noted that it is a real concern and visitors and locals alike need to stay vigilant and listen to local authorities.

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