Top Ten Beer Gardens

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Clarity is all important here. From the outset it’s important to note that we are not talking about rooftop areas here. Now we love rooftop areas as much as the next crew but that top ten is for another day. This top ten is all about the beer garden and the beer garden alone. Yes, most of the enjoyment derived from a top beer garden is down to the company but other stuff is important too. A good beer garden can’t just be a slip of concrete between the pub and the pavement. A good beer garden should offer a natural habitat for the inebriated, a sort of free range keg if you will.

Nice beer garden here. Not really sure what's going on, lots of beanie hats on show, not sure I trust this crowd.

What gets an entry to number 1?

To put it simply a great beer garden pub should take the whole beer garden thing very seriously. They should take it to the point where they have far more outdoor space than indoor space. If the location doesn’t have more outdoor than indoor they should at the very least put that little bit more into their beer garden. Location also plays a part as any good beer garden will need to be close to other facilities like taxi ranks, public transport and, lets be honest, people finishing their days work.

Why are the others in the mix?

Very simple elements make up a great beer garden. Like with a bar or any other form of venue light, space, service, facilities, variety of entertainment and options other than just alcohol are huge pulls. Like with most top tens, to get into the business end of the list you have to take the conventional and push it a little further. Some venues will do this by going all out and making the focus of the entire bar the beer garden. Others do it by offering more than just an outdoor area like where the entertainment stage is located within the beer garden. Whatever is done to give the beer garden extra appeal it must go a little beyond the usual patio furniture to get some notice.

Final thoughts

Beer gardens are important places. Done well they can let you enjoy the great outdoors on a a nice warm day at the end of the working week. Sure they can do this any day of the week however there is something to be said for the end of the working week beer garden. Manys a beer ad has been set in these city oases and for many thats what they are, a virtual oasis after a long week in a virtual beer desert. So off with you to a beer garden, unless you’re reading this on one of the lesser fun days of the week, in which case start planning your beer garden fun.

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