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Ah the brewery tour, it’s said that if you can’t arrange a piss up in one you lack in some form of organisational skills. While organising a piss up in one may not be a challenge, organising a brewery to offer a great customer experience is a real challenge. The best offer a multitude of top level beers with top class customer focused offerings and facilities. The worst offer little more than a tap and a few stools. Like most areas it takes a healthy amount of due diligence and refreshing research to find the best of the best.  We did try and keep the list limited to the Perth Metro area however we couldn’t resist including some of the world beating breweries dotted along the west coast.

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What gets an entry to number 1?

Its very simple, a number 1 breweries fame needs to go well beyond Western Australia. A number one brewery does itself big favours by being known all over. A top brewery itself should offers great food, unique beers and above all else; a good variety of locally made yet globally known drinks. The beers themselves should offer real variety from the relatively subtle to the punchy batches. The best breweries should also house customer premisses which contain everything you need for a great experience; it should have all the huge vats and clunking tanks you expect from a real working brewery.

What gets the others into the mix?

Like many other customer experiences breweries have a fairly straightforward raison d’etre; make customers happy. Like many top tens the other breweries in the list need to go about it in a similar vein. With this in mind breweries need to work hard on the usual suspects of facilities, atmosphere, service and venue layout. Obviously the quality of beer brewed on site makes an impact, however it does not make as much of an impact as it would in the page on top ten beers listed here.

Final thoughts

Ok, so you may not feel so good about a brewery during the morning after, call that a hazard of the industry. Jokes aside a brewery tour can be very enjoyable and there really should be something more than the beer available to captivate a customers attention. Perth visitors and natives alike really are lucky in this respect. We were actually relatively surprised that so many brewery options are available for that special night. We never expected to make the full ten, but low and behold, we filled every last spot and we could have gone even further.

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