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“I don’t know why we go here, the parking is terrible, the place isn’t clean and the good movies are always sold out”. Those were the words of a friend of mine on the state of his now least favourite Perth cinema. Cinema selection is usually based around movie start times instead of quality of facilities. This is all down to the last minute nature of how we choose what to see. While this does dictate the situation in most occasions other factors are important. Like many other public offerings the cinema owners of Perth need to be aware of what customers want. Standards need to be maintained otherwise the dollar paying public with exit in their droves.

top ten image of a cinema, I'm sure someone is kicking someone elses chair even as the photo was being taken

What makes a number 1 cinema?

A number 1 cinema is well laid out, clean and parking is not difficult on a normal day. In addition the chairs and snack area should give the customer exactly what they want. Location can also make a difference but remember that out of the way locations don’t really attract too many of the more disruptive cinema goers. Great cinemas should be abel to offer more than the standard experience and with more effort from owners a great cinema should offer services and products.

What got the others into the top ten?

Perth is not a mega city so frankly there are not a massive number of cinemas which did not make the list. The difference between a good cinema and a poor one is, like with most things, down to the facilities and fixtures. Good chairs and a good snack bar go a long way to creating the right atmosphere. Additionally ejecting trouble makers or noisy patrons is important. Cinema owners need to stay ahead of the game and refurbish and renew as old fixtures and facilities become stale. Additionally owners need to ensure that the standard requirements, like parking and up to date listing information is in the very least enough to keep customers coming through the doors.

Final thoughts

Inevitably the choice of cinema will mostly boil down to the times of the showings. On most occasions cinema runs are not planned out a long time before hand. For seasoned cinema goers this may not be the case, but for the rest of us this is the modus operandi. While the movie is the main deciding factor for enjoyment levels a small disturbance can throw a night into disarray. With this in mind cinema goers should think hard about where they go, finding a favourite and sticking with it is the best approach.

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