Top Ten Music and Arts Festivals

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As a side note we need to point out that the page on festivals like Australia day or St. Patricks day are listed as “city festivals”.

Music festivals are tough in some places. If the weather is too hot the result can be crab like beings shuffling around a dry mud cauldron. Equally if its wet it can lead to a mixed experience where the aim of the day is not to look for bands but suitable mud slides. To put it simply festivals  depend somewhat on appropriate weather to deliver a good viewer experience. This said a lot of other factors are equally as important. Solid facilities, good bands and adequate amounts of precious resources (yes, this does mean toilet roll) will always bring smiles to slightly bleary faces.

image of a band at a festival, maybe one of the early acts, not sure, but I'd say everyone in the audience is either drunk or hungover depending on the length of the festive

What makes a number 1 arts or music festival?

Simply put a number one arts and music festival needs all the main elements it can muster to cultivate a great customer experience. Like the best nightspots a top festival needs top appeal to a wide rage of audiences and has what we call the “consensus factor”. This means that among a group of friends it would most likely be the one most agree on. Perth festivals has been running since the city was founded so the city has a good degree of experience to back itself up. The top festivals also have social proof. Hang around any corner and you’ll see and hear evidence of the top festivals presence or upcoming arrival.

Why are the rest there?

To get into the top ten a festival needs to offer a real experience to customers. Simply throwing a few installations or bands on a makeshift stage no longer fits the bill so to speak. The other 9 festivals have, in almost all cases shown a pedigree on longevity. They have also shown a willingness to spend on the small and the big parts of festival infrastructure. This separates them from the rag tag festivals which can end badly for everyone involved. In saying this a rag tag festival can offer new things and due to their small origins they can grow into progressive unique experiences.

Final thoughts

As anyone who has ever organised one will tell you; festivals are relatively unpredictable. A good festival one year does not always translate to a good one the next. In many cases overly ambitious or cost sensitive organisers can ruin a good idea and deliver far less than promised. The best advice for festival goers is if in doubt lean towards the more established festivals before venturing into the unknown.

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