Top Ten First Dates

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Ah, the first date, the social equivalent of setting out your stall. Considering how important other elements have in the laws of attraction, does the first date really matter? The answer, rightly or wrongly, for to most part, is yes. For many it’s not so much the money spent or the extravagance but the thought and the potential for a “wow” factor. Long ago the ritual was a relatively fixed matter of course with chaperones, parents and relatives respected stakeholders. Nowadays it’s a more open affair with more options but at the same time larger margins for error.

Romeo and Juliet there up to no good as usual, wonder how that ends, I'm hoping they don't do anything drastic

What makes a number 1 first date spot?

The essence of a good relationship is a good sense of teamwork and collaboration. With this in mind what’s most important is that you get a sense of what both people want from the first date experience. The setting itself is not so important. The experience is more about offering you time to get to know one another . Cooking and preparing the food together is one option (like in a Korean BQ). In the end something needs to act as a catalyst for conversation. Hopefully this will help you all sort the good from the bad.

Why are the others in the mix?

People by their nature, enjoy the element of surprise, so doing something interesting and unique will usually lead to a good night. What all of the elements in this top ten have going for them is that element of uniqueness. They all offer something off the usual well trodden path to both impress and create an air of enjoyment to the experience.

Final thoughts

Unfortunately, as we all know, even with all the planning and creativity some first dates simply come unstuck and the night tailspins into disaster. This can be down to either your venue and activity choices or just a straightforward lack of chemistry. Sadly these things cannot be avoided and also there is little that can be done in cases where you simply didn’t think through the events themselves. Obviously a lot of the planning will depend on how well you know the person going into the date (I’m thinking especially of the Rottnest tour and the river cruise). In the end you need to do as much as you can to set the experience apart from the rest of the other persons day and offer something interesting.

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