Top Ten Freebies

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In this one we wanted to get specific. “Go to Kings park” doesn’t quite give a newbie or the seasoned veteran any new insights. In this case the specifics are all important as with free services the promotion and information available can be minimal. For this reason we chose to look deep into the exact activities that could offer maximum gain for minimum payment.

image of the freebie that is the beach in Perth, as always I recommend snorkeling when it comes to beach fun

What gets an entry to number 1?

There are very few places on earth where you can simply pick up a few chops or sausages and expect to be able to cook them without also finding a way home. Perth is one of those places. The city has free barbecues in multiple locations around the city. Kings park has them, Scarborough beach has them and multiple other locations offer the facilities. The only thing you need is something to cook and the only thing the city asks is that you clean up after yourself. While free barbecues may not be number 1 at this time it’s still definitely worth noting that Perth is very unique in this respect and that in terms of freebies the free BBQ’s set a hight standard for number 1.

What gets the others into the mix

Free events, facilities and venues come with a range of conditions and prerequisites attached. Sure, walking around Rottenest island is free, however you do have to pay for the ferry and a few other things while your at it. The top ten we created is based on the free offerings which carry a minimal additional costs. They are not truly free in that you do still have to get there and maybe bring some meat with you.

Final thoughts

When you deal with free things you have to always remember that some things may not be promoted as there are very few people who have a financial incentive to do so. The best advice is to look for whats on offer and research how others may have gotten the most out of whats on offer. Another idea is to string them together to create a full day of activities, what better way to literally take advantage of what the city has to offer.

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