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Perth is a gay friendly city, however its not a particularly large city. The gay scene is vibrant but honestly we struggled to create a top ten dedicated to one specific aspect of the scene itself. This is common in cities of less than two million people. For what Perth loses out in terms of numbers it makes up for in terms of gay friendly atmosphere. Even though we couldn’t put together an apples versus apples list it just seemed that we couldn’t talk all about Perth’s nightlife without mentioning the gay scene. To this end we made a top ten which combines gay clubs, gay friendly nightspots, gay networks and festivals.

couple of lads in a gay bar, looks like the place is a bit too busy though, to be honest that can be worse then when the place is too empty

So what makes a number 1 gay scene listing?

Perth’s has some, but not enormous, depth in its gay scene out and gay calendar. This list is a rag tag of everything the scene has to offer. A number one spot in this list is an unusual honour. Simply put it a top Perth gay scene listing needs to have a lot of elements but can be anything, a meeting place, a club, or a festival. A listing will hold the top spot for its willingness to put on its own brand of entertainment. Like every night spot the number one listing will have its detractors, but like with everything else, this can in some part be down to familiarity breeding contempt.

What gets the others in?

Activity is the the most important element in this list. With the exception of the freedom centre which is the token support centre all of the other 9 are highly active gay clubs, club nights, hangouts, festivals or groups. In the case of the order of things the list simply operates on the basis of; best clubs and club nights, The Pride Festival, the two most active gay groups and the support centre. What puts some clubs ahead of others is simply down to the size of the venue, the atmosphere and the opportunity for live events.

Final thoughts

The demands on the event organisers and coordinators in the gay scene can be immense. The scene is constantly changing and trends come and go fast. The demand to create something new and fresh is ever present and nobody can simply sit on reputation. Will the city scene become even more competitive in the coming years and months? With new people coming to the city and a growing gay community our guess is that it will.

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