Top Ten Golf Clubs

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Like a good festival a good game of golf is predicated by a good day with few or no weather surprises. With a climate which only briefly deteriorates to heavy downpours Perth is more or less a good place to take your chances. I realise that a top ten golf course list could possibly be amongst the more controversial of all the top tens but we couldn’t possibly leave golf off the list. Much of the list is made up of other top tens on the topic and the list is a good reflection of the best of the best.

a woman teeing off, she looks happy with the shot and on a nice day like that why shouldn't she be

What gets an entry to number 1?

With 18 perfectly landscaped, well maintained and yet at times wild holes a number one Perth golf course is a thing of beauty and marvel. The contrasts and variation of environment in a number 1 course is critical. Great courses resember “teletubbie land” style with rolling green bumps, equally at times rough water hazards and intimidating bunkers show a great courses teeth. The thing that sets the best apart from most if not all others is its lack or at least limiting of obvious flaws. Add to this the clear depth of facilities and services at a club and you have a winning combination.

What gets the others into the top ten?

Whilst the Perth environment does not suffer from harsh winters it does have its own challenges. In summer the city can go weeks without rain. A top ten course should and must be capable of overcoming this harshness whilst catering for the excess water which can come in vast quantities, sometimes with little warning. A top ten course should overcome these challenges with gusto and should offer golfers an exciting yet playable environment at all times.

Final thoughts

Different golfers have differing approaches and as such this top ten is mainly a collection of the best of the best. Less designed courses, pitch and putt, driving ranges and crazy golf courses were, for obvious reasons left off the list. This is not to say that they cannot offer a hearty days entertainment. They can and do for even the most discerning golfer. They just don’t compare to the sheer opulence of the best of the best. For more info on the lighter side of golf have a look at our “golfesq” top ten for the cities pitch and putt courses, driving ranges and crazy golf locations.

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