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So you want to play golf, but you don’t want anything serious? For many there are days when you simply do not want to hit the course. For these days their are the other brothers and sisters of the golf family. Driving ranges, pitch and putt and crazy/mini golf can at times fill the hole that would, at other times be filled by a full course. As silly as these side shows may be they all play a part in helping you, the golfer, train for specific parts of your game. Crazy or mini golf can really help your putting, driving ranges can help your long game and pitch and putt can help your short game.

people playing crazy golf, some may be trying to impress with their putting prowesse

What gets an entry to number 1?

In this the key is the sheer level and uniqueness of facilities. A top golfesq venue needs a real unique proposition. With a number of different golf experiences to choose from its very unlikely that the trend for more golf related fun will die down any time soon. Like most other top tens a golfesq venue needs great facilities beyond just that of the golf itself. Cafes, club houses and other comforting spaces are all very much appreciated, especially for those who have not had a winning day.

What gets the others into the list?

As expected facilities is the most important element in yet another top ten. Golfesq venues and locations are simply judged on the depths of their offerings. In saying this having a venue that’s simply a jack of all golf types really isn’t going to offer much. No matter what the context any golf type needs to be well tended. Overgrown, poorly kept grounds can ruin a game and it can drive customers away. The other nine in this top ten cleared these hurdles.

Final thoughts

Golf is a game of many skills; chipping, driving, putting and many more shots make up most days out on the course. For this reason it can sometimes be a good idea to take one of these and focus on it for a day. This is why these venues exist and its also why they thrive. Finding one which offers everything can be a challenge and finding one which caters particularly to what your game needs can be impossible. The best advice is to look into what you need for your game and try as best you can to find a venue that offers all the elements you need.

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