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For some it’s the classes, for others it’s the location and for the bold it’s the view. What is it that makes a good gym or gym chain? After years of stretching, pulling and listening to shouty trainers we have an idea. Creating a top ten is however still a challenge when you consider some are once offs and others are part of large networks. To overcome this we made our list based on overall equipment diversity, location and maintenance levels. For many, gyms will represent a significant portion of their day and the decision as to which one to choose is not taken lightly.

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What gets an entry to number 1?

When it comes to multi site or franchised businesses there is usually only one certainty and that is the varying levels of satisfaction. Equally a once off gym can vary wildly from one month to the next depending on maintenance and attention to detail. This honestly doesn’t need to be the case. A number one fitness location needs to excel in its field. Sure not all clubs will have the same idea of a great gym (some will offer classes and frills and some will offer a no frills approach), in the end the public will makes its own decision of what wins and what doesn’t in this respect.

What gets the others into the list?

For some its an extensive network, for others it’s the facilities on offer in a stand alone gym. In all cases the gyms need to offer real benefits to their members at reasonable prices. There are many differing groups attending gyms and a top ten club needs to appeal to some or all of these with either classes, weights, wet areas, machines or quality trainers.

Final thoughts

With gyms you need to be very honest with yourself. Will you really use the services? Will you be around for all 12 months? The answers to these questions are deeply important as the one thing we have not assessed in the rankings are the membership options. These can and will be a deciding factor for many. Potential members need to consider this and once you have picked your favourites in terms of services and facilities you need to consider he subscription options.

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