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So we had to do this one. We had to write an article to sort the great from the not so great in the world of hostels. With hostels the bare basics of the good ones are the same as the basics of a hotel. In saying this the elements which make a great hostel are very different to the elements which constitute good with other forms of accommodation. A good hostel should offer social areas and quality shared facilities. The great ones also special offer days out, nights out and have a real sense of what their customers want.

bit of a cool laptop and water in this picture, very urban looking indeed

What gets a top hostel to number 1?

The number one spot in this list is reserved for the best possible hostel experience. Hostels need to go above and beyond the call of duty for a just a place to sleep and does create a social setting for someone new to the city to enjoy and appreciate. Location is also a factor as a good hostel is in the very centre of a happening spot which is a big plus if you want to check out the local nightlife, culture and what the city actually has to offer.

What gets the others in?

For many moving to the city hostels may well be the first port of call in those first few days or even weeks. While even a great hostel won’t really compare to your own place its still important to list those which make the grade. To get on the list a hostel needs to have modern facilities or at least facilities which are well maintained and cleaned. A top ten hostel needs to offer customers a clean and tidy place sleep and somewhere to cook food and socialise.

Final thoughts

For us here at toptenperth this article was the biggest challenge to the “no bashing local businesses” rule. Some of the hostels in Perth (like any city) really deserve to be hauled out on the coals, lucky for them we resisted temptation. All that said everyone has to realise that hostels are very different to hotels or any other forms of accommodation. The social element can, in many cases, overcome the lack of privacy which can bug many in 6 bed room. For many, who are able to get over the lack of privacy a good hostel can actually become home for a number of months. I myself have seen many who were so enamoured with a hostel that they remained even after they got a job in the city. While i didn’t do this myself I tip my cap to the hostels which were capable of competing with the privacy of rental accommodation.

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