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Good hotels are everywhere, however good value is not. Since we started paying to stay in each others caves the hotel industry has been striving towards the “ultimate customer experience”. Despite all of this, getting good value at a top hotel can be a challenge. Over the years many different approaches have been applied to top hotels with mixed results. With this in mind we focused our list on the best value hotels as graded in a number of hotel websites.

crown casino in Perth, you know the fountain in the middle comes from the tears of those who lost at the blackjack table

What gets an entry to number 1?

The simple answer is that a top hotel for tourists is all down to its proximity to the city and the level of facilities on offer right on a visitors doorstep. Aside from a good location, hotels also need to offer the best possible facilities and the best service possible. A top hotel should feel better in every single imaginable way from a standard hotel. A top hotel should constantly show an obvious pursuit of excellence in everything, all the way down to something as small as how the napkins are folded.

What gets the others into the mix?

Like with some of the other articles this one does indeed borrow some credibility from other review sites. In this sense a hotel in the list above needs to be well received in many if not all of these sites. Obviously to get into the top ten in a city like Perth a hotel has to offer world class facilities and huge service standard. After all Perth is a relatively rich city even by Australian standards and competition for those tasty margins will always be high.

Final thoughts

Ok, so we have not included the more “value for money” hotels but in our defence those will come as one single hotel top ten won’t be enough. That said it is appropriate that the first hotel top ten focuses on the best of the best. A “first the best then the rest” approach is on show here. In the coming weeks and months we hope to add additional top tens based on price and other choice criteria.

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