Top Ten rainey day fun

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There are times when even the toasty Perth runs short on sunshine. For those times one must grab ones metaphorical thinking cap and plunge deep into thought. There are the standard bearers; the cinema and the shopping centres, but what about the lesser talked about options? Every city has these but what does Perth have to offer? What can the city of lights as Perth was once know as, offer on a wet, windy or cold day?

Woman on the stage there, looks like shes singing Saturday Night by Whigfield . I myself like to sing the "Irish Rover".

What gets an indoor venue to number one?

A great place for a horrible day is not so much a stand alone venue as it’s a series of different offerings. In short it’s important that a great indoor spot makes you forget the outdoor problems. On a bad weather day the place will be teaming with people but there should be enough space for everyone. Admittedly there may be some exposure to the elements as you scurry from building to building but in the end a top location is worth it. A number one indoor location should also be easily accessed with parking and public transport. Perth really does offer a great amount of choice and offers the largest variety of activities for anyone looking for a good day or evening indoors.

Why are the others on the list?

All the others offer a quality activity even during the colder winter months. In addition most also offer a very family friendly evening or night out. At the very centre of all of these venues is an activity which can very much retain even the most fleeting attention. For kids that means games and action and for parents and singles that means something unique. With all the competition in Perth a venue needs to offer something compelling to get onto this list.

Final thoughts

There are other things to do indoors in Perth. You can find a whole top ten on cinemas, restaurants and nightclubs however they are not included here. This top ten is all about offering more alternatives for those of us who have already seen all the standard night out options and want something new. In addition this selection is also more family focused as at times some of the more quiet environments in these other lists will simply not suit.

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