Top Ten Karaoke Bars

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Ah, the karaoke night. Songs are butchered, inappropriate dance moves are thrust upon unsuspecting bystanders and songs are butchered. As bonding sessions go its got to be on the top of the list as duets bring together unusual pairings and song choices bring cringes and laughs. Done well a good karaoke bar will bring together a night out and create many, many stories for the days and weeks ahead. On the other side poor facilities can leave your crew scrambling for the exits and alternative plans.

Woman on the stage there, looks like shes singing Saturday Night by Whigfield . I myself like to sing the "Irish Rover".

What makes a number 1 Karaoke Bar?

The bar itself should have everything you need. Individual rooms, good food and up to date facilities. Like all bars the equipment itself can be confusing and at times difficult to manage, but you’ll get over this. The total package is should be sound and very few areas should cause real letdowns. A number one karaoke bar need to be every inch the speciality karaoke bar. Good quality food and service does also come into play so the best need to tick both these boxes.

What gets the others in?

At the top end of the scale we have our specialist karaoke bars. At the lower end we have bars that offer karaoke nights. It’s worth noting that these two offer very different nights. One offers an intimate environment where your embarrassment or hidden talents are only witnessed by a handful of friends. The other thrusts these wins or losses onto unsuspecting strangers who will laugh and point. In either case top ten spots are reserved for bars which offer real song choice and good quality facilities.

Final thoughts

Like with many top tens this one is subject to change. Non specialist karaoke bars can cut their karaoke night with no notice. With this in mind its always a good idea to ring ahead with these types of bars. The specialist bars are only little more reliable in this sense. Whilst it does happen the chances of them closing up without notice is marginally less likely. When all is said and done its key to remember that different bars will offer different experiences. A specialised bar will offer an intimate room in which you can embarrass yourself. A regular bar on the other hand will probably not afford you that luxury. With this in mind its key to think it out and choose wisely.

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