Top Ten Kings Park

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Kings park is a great place, its a huge park in the middle of the city. Close enough to the city to offer amazing views and big enough to have its own patch of bushland (untouched environments). Yes its the number one place to go in the top ten list of attractions, but that’s not enough. There is a lot on offer in the park but some visitors and locals alike can miss the best bits. The park itself is huge and deserves its own top ten to fully articulate its many unique and interesting facets.

the view from kings park

What gets an entry to number 1?

There are many wonders of kings park however the finest can be the simplest. With an amazing view and manicured lawns the park is ripe for picnic lovers, but how does this compare with some of the amazing manicured lawns and floral areas? Simple as it may seem to award a number one its actually much harder than it seems. It can all depend on the time of day or just the mood that hits. For some the best time to hit the park is on an off day where the weather is circling around the mid twenties, for others a more bustling day is considered a better option.

What gets the others into the top ten?

In truth this list could potentially go on into the fifties. What sets apart the top ten are their ability to capture and retain the mind with layers and layers of new discoveries (possibly excluding coffee and Frisbee). A top ten thing to do in kings park needs to offer  either a way to either unwind, give you pause for thought or a way to observe nature.

Final thoughts

Yes, its a tourist board cliché but no trip to Perth is complete without seeing the park. Nothing gives a visitor more perspective on what the original swan river colonists (the first Europeans to colonise Western Australia) would have seen. There is a very good reason why wedding parties hit the park (sometimes you can even see them queue up in spots). Equally there are good reasons why car parking can be a challenge on good days. With this in mind the best advice would be to make yourself aware of all the parking locations before you enter. It may sound like overkill but it can be handy to actually list these out on paper. Once you stay patient you should find something relatively quick.

Other Ratings for this listing

Rating as a Park

4.83/5 (12)

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Rating as a place to go after work

3/5 (11)

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3/5 (2)

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Rating as an Attraction

5/5 (9)

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