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From tacky key-rings, to epic works of art, a market can present unpredictable offerings. A good one will offer a diverse range of goods and services while a bad one will literally offer very little. Markets are places you go to when you don’t know exactly what your looking for. The unconventional buying experience can awaken the creative as a browser thumbs through the isles. For the local a trip to the markets can be either a mundane element of the day or a treasure hunt. For the newcomer the experience can be a unique insight into local art culture and buying styles.

venders at their market stalls

What makes number 1 market?

For markets it is size and festival atmosphere that’s all important. The bigger the market, the wider the diversity of goods available. A number one market has the usual food stands, art shops and in addition a number one market should have the bric-a-brac stands that need to be rummaged to be appreciated. Having on-site entertainment and events is another bonus factor. In short the a number one market needs to offer everything a browser would need while at the same time offering a good surrounding area.

What gets the others into the mix?

Dividing up the others was a challenge. Perth does have a solid market infrastructure and its hard to seriously fault any of the city’s markets. The others mainly get into the mix for keeping their standards to a good level. Keeping the market clean, both physically and by keeping out the more dubious stands will allow a market a spot on the top ten.

Final thoughts

Market goers are a specific breed. They love their finds, they love their bargains and most of all they love their browsing. For a keen market browser the fun is in the find so the advice, not that many will need it, is to try as many as possible. No two are the same so try to take more than one in a day and pick a good day. Calling around can also help as websites are not always up to date especially when it comes to the outdoor markets. The best and most fun thing to do would be to catch two or three in a day and mull over the bargains.

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