Top Ten Music Venues

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This one has been argued over many a table. Fingers have been pointed and fists have been pounded. Creating top tens for music lovers is a challenge made only harder since the movie “High fidelity”. Emotion runs high in this specific area and music fans can be….well….fanatical. In the end we based our top ten on the usual standard bearers, facilities, top band consistency, crowd and value for money. Yes, before you say it, we know these are very subjective terms but hey, we had to base it on something. In addition we looked through some of the review sites and obviously if a venue had picked up an award we would factor that in also.

bit of a rocker rocking out on the stage here. Donno why they call them rockers really, wonder how that all happened

What gets a music venue number 1?

A number one music venue ticks all the boxes. It should consistently offer quality bands while at the same time offering quality food and service. We aren’t the first to notice the cities depth of offerings in this area so competition is deep and tough. Considering how many bands come out of Perth it’s critical that great music venues with great facilities and service are available.

What gets the others in?

Along with having quality facilities and bands on a consistent basis the venues also need to offer one more element. They need the customers’ stamp of approval. To find out which ones had and which ones had not we looked up all the awards given out in the area and gave this additional weighting. To get into the top ten a venue really needs to offer a great deal. In almost all cases in the list above the venues are set up specifically for live music.

Final thoughts

Like finding a good nightclub, finding a good gig club is an art in itself. Managers come and go and along with this atmospheres can be transient. Only the truly great, or truly lucky can keep the momentum up for a long period of time. Of all the top tens this would be the most likely to be subject to change. Even the most miniscule of changes, like budget changes or increases in prices can knock the most ‘in” club off the radar. With all this in mind this is the top ten we would like the most amount of input from our readers.

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