Top Ten Nightspots

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The “get to know Northbridge” adverts are currently being pumped out by the business association of the inner city suburb. As good and as appealing as these adverts may be there are other nightspots to check out in the Perth area. Nightspots, pubs and lounges are dotted all over the city, and suburbs are well served. In short there are many locations around the city which can offer one or many drinking holes within walking distances. While the city and the chic suburbs do boast the most per square kilometer, there are real nuggets elsewhere.

mirror balls are fun but not if they fall on you!

What gets a nightspot to number 1?

Pre drinks can be a difficult environment for decision making however the decision of where to go is usually made at this time. As frustrating as it seems you may need to step down from your favourites to reach agreement. This is where the a great nightpot comes in. Great decor and outdoor areas offer the perfect setting for a great after work session or a Saturday of revelling.

What got the others into the mix?

The remainder were a mix of stylish new spots, pickup joints, gay bars and classy cocktail hideouts. They were picked for their ability and power to appeal to specific customers. So often in Perth a club or pub will try its hardest to appeal to a niche group only to lose focus. This can bring unpleasant results as clientele deteriorates. When that happens the atmosphere can lose an intimacy experienced by spots frequented by specific cliques.

Final thoughts

Nothing can compare to the transient nature of the nightlife scene of any city. Clubs and pubs have a reputation for name changes, theme rethinks and interior renovations. With this in mind its important to note that even a month is a long time in the Perth night scene. While knowing the lay of the land can help, the key thing to remember is that experience trumps all. Knowing what you want, listening to advice and checking out the usual haunts is the best approach.

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