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This top ten is not really a Perth top ten as such. The ten is made up of places and attractions not too far outside of Perth which make a trek outside of the safety of the city worthwhile. When you live in a city which is over one thousand kilometers from any other major metropolis you need to make the most out of what’s on offer. For Perthians this has long been the outback just beyond the green glow of the perth catchment area.

The pinnacles which are just outside Perth. This one looks particularly pinnacley.

What gets a Top Ten Outside Perth entry to number 1?

Getting out of Perth is a must every now and again. The city is enormous by all accounts, so getting outside the WA capital requires a little work in and of itself. Once outside the city limits thought tourists and locals alike are treated to surprising variety. To the north there’s amazing desert landscapes and to the south there are cooler wine regions, seaside towns and woodland villages. Every local has his or her own special favourite so competition is intense. Getting to number one requires a real edge.

What gets the others in?

The other nine really have to offer something unique. They need to offer more than simply a Western Australian slant on the common or well known. In short they need either the wow factor or at least a lot to see and do. Note that there are a large number of towns in the list. This is no mistake, the towns of WA offer something very unique and each one has its own atmosphere or charm.

Final thoughts

Everyone in Perth knows one thing, the city is a long way away from another city of a similar size. To put it in perspective you are 2,500 kilometers away from Adelaide, this may not sound like much on a plane however it all but rules out one day city breaks. From that perspective you start to learn the importance of the surrounding areas and equally the surrounding towns. Despite its remoteness the areas around Perth do offer some very unique experiences, some of which help you forget your relative isolation.

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