Top Ten Parks

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Picnics, barbecues, impromptu frisbie and great views are just some of the things we hope for from a good city park. For some it’s a flavour of the bush within driving distance. Whatever your preference it’s always important to know what exactly is on offer and where and when it can be used to its fullest extent. Parks are the ultimate when it comes to outdoor eating and making the most of good weather. The cities parks vary from the busy to the serene. The choice is comprehensive and visitors and locals alike should not struggle to find a park which fits their mood.

picture of a statue in a perth park

What gets an entry to number 1?

Anyone who has ever been to the Perths top parks will know exactly why the number one gets to where it is. Simply put Perths number 1 park has everything. It has all the modern conveniences of barbecues, cafes, viewing spots, attractions and walks all over. The park should also boast facilities like cinemas and other festivals during the year. A number 1 park should ebb and flow from the busy to the calm to the manicured. An abundance of bushland and natural vegetation is also needed for those bike rides and nature walks.

What got the other parks in?

In truth all a park needs is good weather to make an enjoyable day. This said it is good to note which parks can offer what, and which parks are the best for a quiet picnic with very few distractions. Make no mistake Perth is certainly a city of outdoor eating. Surprisingly this does not result in messy parks, with litter in Perth parks at very low levels. The other parks are in because they are well maintained and offer facilities, great scenery and the parking which is essential for any good picnic or park excursion. There are very few parks in the city which would not come highly recommended.

Final thoughts

Yes, great parks, like almost every other great spot the city has to offer, struggles to cope with the parking needed on a big day. Like with nightspots or beaches it can be advisable to have backup plans when it comes to going to city parks. Setting out with only one spot in mind can lead to frustration when it comes to parking or finding a free barbeque to use. Perth’s parks are not particularly dangerous but like with parks all over the world night visits are not always recommended.

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