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“Where should we go tonight darling” this comment, along with a long pause is a staple conversation of almost all food loving couples. The cream of the crop may not be easy to frequent on a regular basis however knowing which ones are top and which are not is helpful. While comparing one restaurant against another is a massive challenge certain fundamentals always mark the good ahead of the mediocre.

a famous Perth restaurant

What makes a restaurant number 1?

Simply put a number one restaurant will take the top spot as a result of the clearly varied menu, great service and amazing flavours. In a city like Perth recruiting, keeping and motivating top level chefs is a massive challenge which a top restaurant has to overcome. A top restaurant will also need to win countless awards and accolades to back up their pedigree.

What go the rest into the top 10

This top ten is very obviously the cream of the crop. Admittedly the restaurants are high end and pricey however this is the first in the restaurant series. More specialised top tens featuring top ten by food types (Italian, Indian, Chinese etc.). Restaurants were featured in this “cream of the crop” top ten if they continually received top ratings on restaurant websites. They also need to consistently overachieve in the standard basics of service, quality food and atmosphere. To be consistently popular a restaurant also needs to overcome that most difficult of all restaurant challenges; chef turnover.

Final thoughts

This top ten, like all others is a living blog which will move, shake and change as the landscape in Perth changes. Restaurants have the rare ability to be extremely temper-mental, especially if they are based around one amazing chef. The quality can at times vary from one side of the day to the next. For this and many other reasons that only a restaurant manager can fully comprehend restaurants can be very inconsistent. More than many of the other top tens this one is inclined to change regularly as the Perth culinary landscape shifts and moves.

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