Top Ten Sports Bars

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Many of us know the scene. You’re new to a city however you simply must catch the game. A badly prepared person will run into every pub like a headless chicken. You’ll know what station the game is on but you’ll run around like crazy looking for a bar that actually has a satellite dish. Sports bars are like buses, when you don’t need one you see them everywhere and wonder why they push the sport element so much. On the other hand when you do need one you can never find one.

some sports pubs have nice memorabilia which tells you your in the right spot

What gets a sports bar to number 1?

This is very simple; the a great sports bar is almost literally always open. For those of us who come from Europe this is a massive plus. Having a sports bar thats open no matter what time a game starts is a huge bonus. From experience we can tell you that the best sports bars act as a beacon for these events. Within reason a great bar will show almost any sport as long as someone is willing to watch.

What gets the others in?

A good sports bar should be covered in satellite dishes pointing in every direction. Ok, so these can be covered up, but the point still remains, they need a lot of sports channels. The power of a good sports bar is its ability to cater to the obscure fan asking for the even more obscure match up. The top ten in our list have a comprehensive selection of Australian and international packages.

Final thoughts

When you lead a crew of people all hungry for a game you need to plan ahead. Calling and asking is critical. If you can do this a few days before the game, however if all else fails call around on the day of the game. You could go further and even find out what package the game is on. This may sound like overkill (and trust me its not always easy) but it could make the difference between seeing the game and not seeing it. You really need to do this as some sports bars can be in out of the way places. There’s nothing worse than finally getting to your destination and finding out that the club is closed or unable to show the game.

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