Top Ten Water Fun

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Ok, so we don’t really have ten on this, but we couldn’t leave it out (a few of the entries are more along the lines of high quality swimming pools). I remember my own childhood days of loving everything a waterpark had to offer only to suffer immensely from the inevitable lobster look that a lack of sunscreen would bring. The sensation is the closest a normal child will ever get to a hangover; with great fun came great pain. But enough of all that, what makes a great waterpark? The answer here is similar to so many of the other top tens. Facilities, facilities, facilities as per usual. What makes waterparks unique however is that they must appeal to two groups with very different sets of requirements. Adults want somewhere to relax and watch the kids. Kids on the other hand want bigger slides and as many unique and fun experiences as possible. Nowadays there is an increasing demand for parks which cater to adults in water.

people enjoying rings at a water park

What gets an entry to number 1?

Essentially a great water park or water fun spot will takes the number one spot for a very simple reason. It should be able to offer both adults and children an exciting day. This is a critical point, a day of fun for the kids is good but it can be boring for the parents. Equally a day of fun for the parents can mean an expensive day on the babysitting costs front. A place that can solve both of these problems while offering real quality entertainment deserves top spot.

What gets the others into the top ten?

In truth for this one we really had to watch the language. There are not really ten water parks in Perth. The above top ten is more a collection of water activities than it is a collection of water parks in the traditional sense of the words. While this is a little disappointing all the entries do offer a real quality experience on a hot Perth day and in that sense they should be singled out for notice.

Final thoughts

Like we said in our introduction a good waterpark or aquatic centre needs to back up customer experience with top level facilities. Equally as important is any venues ability to remain clean and well maintained. With this in mind customers need to be on their toes when it comes to potentially dangerous hazards for children. Yes, most if not all of these places has been inspected by safety officials however an extra eye is always a good idea.

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