Top Ten Water Saving Tips

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1. Limit your showers to 4 minutes or lessman fixing a shower, lets hope the waters not on
2. Don’t leave the tap running when brushing your teeth
3. Only run your dishwasher and washing machine with a full load
4. Don’t flush rubbish
5. Look out for water efficient shower head (WELS rated 3 star or above)
6. Check for leaks
7. Install a dual flush toilet
8. Catch water that you would normally waste with containers and use on indoor plants or in the garden
9. Use flow regulators and single lever mix taps
10.Insulate hot water pipes

Perth is a rapidly growing city in a drying State. In the past the city had a consistent rainfall pattern which would start in July and end in October. In recent years however the consistency of that rainfall has diminished and this has had knock on effects for water reserves. So what can the people of Perth and visitors do to help secure the city’s water future? At Top Ten Perth we teamed up with our friends over at the Water Corporation to create a top ten on water saving tips with a specific emphasis on saving inside the home.

What makes limiting showers to 4 minutes number 1?

When it comes to this list it’s all about the volume of water which can be saved. We also geared the list to put the easy wins first. While the easier tips are given extra weight the number 1 really does tick both boxes. Showering uses on average around 22% of household water so it’s certainly a big water spender but it’s also a potential easy win. Water Corporation customers in Perth and Mandurah can also swap up to two old inefficient showerheads for free one through the Showerhead Swap program. Check out the details on the Water Corporation’s .

Why are the others in the mix?

As we said earlier the list is based on both water saved and ease of management. In this sense the list is focused on serious water savings which can be made within the home where the hassle factor is not too high. While the easy changes are important the slightly bigger changes can have a sizable impact. If you take for example the dual flush toilet you could be talking about a daily saving of 90 litres which is massive!

Final thoughts

In a city like Perth where rain can be unpredictable water management is a top priority. Communities need to come together and stay positive about saving what is becoming an increasingly important resource for what is a growing city. The good news is that changing just a few small things and altering a few behaviours can have a real impact.

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