Top Ten Watersports

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So your thinking watersports? Well, youve hit the right city. Even in the cooler winter months Perth will on average, offer more hot days than most of the other Australian cities. With warm water currents the city is a perfect playground for anyone with a fondness of all things aquatic. So with all that at play what makes a top water sport in Perth? After considering a lot of the alternatives and considering how Perths geography and climate compliment them we created our criteria. A great watersport in our mind is one that can be picked up relatively quickly with ample facilities and conditions available to let you do so. Additionally the key components of the activity need to be in plentiful supply (waves for surfing, wind for sailing and so on).

1. Surfing

2. Donut skiing

3. Jet ski

4. Waterskiing

5. Swimming

6. Wakeboarding

7. Sailing

8. Kayaking

9. Fishing

10. Paddleboarding

nice lady enjoying the beach with a nice surfboard..all is well with the world

So what gets a water sport to number 1?

Ok, so Perth is not the greatest city for waves, that we know. However this offers something in its own right. The ample availability of tame yet consistent waves means that Perth is the perfect place to learn the surfing, snorkelling and multiple other water sports at a relaxed pace. Lessons in almost all water sports are widely available and prices are reasonable. In essence a top water sport should be something that can be easily engaged in and can be worked at and perfected given Perths climate.

What gets the others in?

The others on the list are a mix of high and low skill watersports. While the high skill activities can be satisfying the low skill additions can offer entertainment. In truth there are not too many more water sports which are widely available. The top ten in this sense is relatively comprehensive. The order is really down to what suits the tourist or amateur the best value.

Final thoughts

Very few things will compare to watersports in terms of an afternoon in the sun. Any activity on the list has something to offer even to the most inexperienced visitor or Perthian. The best way to approach any day on the water is to find out what conditions suit the sport the best. Then the key is to match up those conditions with what you see out your own window. Additional its important to know how much time you’ll spend learning compared to time actually participating. You need to ask yourself whether or not you are willing to wait or do you just want instant fun?

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