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So have you seen the movie sideways? For those who have not the movie centres around two men who go on an epic wine tour with entertaining and mixed results. If you want to go on your own wine tour this top ten is a great starting point. Ok, I admit, many of the top ten wineries here are not strictly in the Perth Metropolitan area. This said it wouldn’t be right to omit the wineries of WA considering how enjoyable a trip around can be. The areas themselves are spread over a wide region and wineries can be found in; The swan valley, Margaret river, the coastal region and the great southern region.

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What makes a number 1 winery?

A number one winery needs to offer a lot of what a number one brewery offers. That is it needs to offer a good tour, a great selection of home made wines and a full restaurant service. A number one spot also needs offers all of this on top of offering a real insight into the culture and history of their wine region. Located a few hours from the city some of the outlying wineries are not ideal for a one day trip however for the connoisseur award winning wines will make the journey worthwhile.

What gets the others into the top ten?

Like the number 1 entry any winery hoping to fare well in the top ten needs to at least offer a good restaurant. As basic as this may sound it really is a relatively high threshold to bring a good winery into the the level of a top flight winery. In addition to this a great winery needs to be a stand alone venue. A great one might offer river tours, a forward thinking one may have a festival and a hip one may even organise concerts and events.

Final Thoughts

While some wines and wineries offer the x factor the key thing is to bring a few unique elements into your tour. There are many tour operators available and the tours are getting more and more professional. Admittedly the architecture is not as awe inspiring as the vineyards and wineries of Bordeaux et al however the wineries do have their own charms.

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