Top Ten Wildlife parks and Zoos

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As a city dweller the opportunities to see wild animals is relatively minimal. The chances of interacting with kangaroos or koala bears is usually relatively low. The most you can normally expect is a fleeting glance as a roo chases across some of the more remote roadways. While this can be exciting it pales in comparison to an actual opportunity to get up close and personal with the animals. For this reason we go to the zoos and wildlife parks.

look at this chancer. Maybe he wants to see some other reptilian rascals

What gets an entry to number 1?

Top wildlife parks or zoos sit in a special place in outdoor loving Australians hearts. A top park should be expansive and full of activities and facilities to keep anyone occupied for a full day of outdoor fun. A top wildlife parks and zoos will take the number one spot because it continues to get highly positive reviews over and above those of its competitors. This and a real depth of animals coupled with great facilities and service gets the number one spot.

What gets the others in?

Facilities do come into play when it comes to a wildlife attraction getting into the top ten, however the pale in significance to animal variety. Service is also important however that too fails to stack up in importance when compared to how close a customer can get to the animals. Wildlife reserves are in these, and a number of other respects, very unique places. A top ten venue in this case is one which can offer a large variety of animals where you have a real chance to engage with the animals. To get a top ten place a venue needs to be able to offer all this and good customer service and facilities.

Final thoughts

When it comes to seeing wildlife it would appear that Perth offers a unique choice to prospective customers. You can have an up close look with local wildlife and farm animals, or you can see exotic animals behind closed doors. It would seem that in Perth finding something that offers both is not really realistic. With this in mind the best advice would be to work out what you (or your kids) really want from the day. Will they be content to point with amazement at tropical animals or will they want to hug a Koala bear?

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