Top Ten work night fun

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The hours between 5pm and 10pm on a work night can feel like a barren wasteland. Sure restaurants and bars are open, but what about something different on a work night. Date night for many couples can become monotonous, especially when it’s always just a meal. For some the routine is only broken when a special event comes around or something different is on offer in the city. Well, we here at Top Ten Perth are here to tell you that there are options on a work night that don’t exclusively offer the normal mix of bars restaurants and dull indoor cinemas.
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Top Rating Work Night Fun

1 Crown Perth - Burswood 4.86/5 (7)
2 Moonlight Cinemas - Kings Park 4.2/5 (5)
3 Karaoke 4.13/5 (8)
4 Korean BBQ 3.44/5 (9)
5 Pitch and Putt or something Golfesq 3.36/5 (11)
6 AMF Bowling - Morley 3.2/5 (5)
7 Watch the sun go down in Kings Park 3/5 (11)
8 See a live gig 2.78/5 (9)
9 Go for a Spa 2.29/5 (7)
10 Perth Observatory - Bickley 1.6/5 (5)

This couple seems to be at odds of where to go during the mid week. Note the man has a nice moustache, moustaches are underrated if you ask us

What gets an alternative after work spot to number 1?

Yes you can have a restaurant at number one, yes, you can have a cinema at number one and yes, you can also have a bar at number one. The only caveat is that they can be a normal bar, restaurant or cinema. To get to the number one in this list a listing needs to offer something really special. It needs to offer something that is accessible during the week and at the same time very special in its own way. Of course all the usual suspects are important; facilities, service and the rest, but it’s more important that something unusual is offered.

What gets the others in?

Like with the number one spot all the normal quality marks are critical. But all the normal quality marks are just table stakes, they’ll just get you a consideration. What’s most important is that the entries in this list offer the same if not more entertainment value than the usual suspects. If you find yourself bored out of your mind and pining for a conventional date night then the listing has not done its job.

Final thoughts

When you think about it, constantly finding new and interesting places to go is a real challenge. Many couples will have a date night during the week and some will do this every week. This poses a real piece of work when it comes to maintaining variety. Going to the same place a is fine for a little while but it can get old really, really fast. So take a look at our unconventional list and see if you can find somewhere to pique your interest.

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