Top Ten dip-dab Swan Valley

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So I should explain the dip-dab part. Essentially a dip-dab tour is the name we coined for a tour which doesn’t involve any serious amount of alcohol, and revolves around driving and dropping into a number of different micro fooderies, attractions and workshops. Each dip involves nipping into a location getting a free sample, buying a little then moving on to the next. Not everyone wants to go on a bus trip, especially on a whim, so we thought we would offer a guide for the car powered visitor. As we found out, a good knowledge of the area is important as the area really isn’t too accommodating for the unprepared motorist.

nice chocolate fountain here, bit impractical if you ask me

What gets an entry to number 1?

Getting to the top of this list is no mean feat. A location needs to be able to show something unique, but not just that, a great location has to offer a real experience that extends past just looking at what’s on offer. Some do this with viewing galleries to see the production of products, and some do this with amazing scenery, open for all to enjoy. Whatever way it’s to be done it’s critical that something shows the origin of the product or service.

What got the others into the top ten?

Like with everything top ten what gets the others in is the quality of the produce and experience. Competition among wine makers in Swan Valley is high and the same can also be said for the other producers in the area. For this reason the effort level needs to be high to stay fresh and interesting for the masses, be they coach or car powered. Some of the listings are in because they offer a good quality of produce and little else and some for the experience of seeing the production in process.

Final thoughts

As would be expected the swan valley is a real mixed bag and quality varies wildly. What is remarkable is how the local businesses do not seem to work together. Signage is inconsistent and tour maps are few and far between. The valley seems to lack a single mindedness which could serve it well. If this could be overcome maybe the dib-dab tour could become a common term for locals and tourists

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