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Top Ten Sports Bars

some sports pubs have nice memorabilia which tells you your in the right spot

Many of us know the scene. You’re new to a city however you simply must catch the game. A badly prepared person will run into every pub like a headless chicken. You’ll know what station the game is on but

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Top Ten Wineries

the best top ten wineries image

So have you seen the movie sideways? For those who have not the movie centres around two men who go on an epic wine tour with entertaining and mixed results. If you want to go on your own wine tour

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Top Ten Karaoke Bars

Woman on the stage there, looks like shes singing Saturday Night by Whigfield . I myself like to sing the "Irish Rover".

Ah, the karaoke night. Songs are butchered, inappropriate dance moves are thrust upon unsuspecting bystanders and songs are butchered. As bonding sessions go its got to be on the top of the list as duets bring together unusual pairings and

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Top Ten Beer Gardens

Nice beer garden here. Not really sure what's going on, lots of beanie hats on show, not sure I trust this crowd.

Clarity is all important here. From the outset it’s important to note that we are not talking about rooftop areas here. Now we love rooftop areas as much as the next crew but that top ten is for another day. This

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Top Ten Perth Made Beers

The local brew, sometimes good, sometimes bad but always worth a shot. Good local beers should have an attachment to the land and the raw materials, in good cases, should come from the local area . A local beer can

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Top Ten Gay Scene

couple of lads in a gay bar, looks like the place is a bit too busy though, to be honest that can be worse then when the place is too empty

Perth is a gay friendly city, however its not a particularly large city. The gay scene is vibrant but honestly we struggled to create a top ten dedicated to one specific aspect of the scene itself. This is common in

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Top Ten Nightspots

mirror balls are fun but not if they fall on you!

The “get to know Northbridge” adverts are currently being pumped out by the business association of the inner city suburb. As good and as appealing as these adverts may be there are other nightspots to check out in the Perth

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Top Ten Music Venues

bit of a rocker rocking out on the stage here. Donno why they call them rockers really, wonder how that all happened

This one has been argued over many a table. Fingers have been pointed and fists have been pounded. Creating top tens for music lovers is a challenge made only harder since the movie “High fidelity”. Emotion runs high in this

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Top Ten Breweries

image of a brewery or bottling plant

Ah the brewery tour, it’s said that if you can’t arrange a piss up in one you lack in some form of organisational skills. While organising a piss up in one may not be a challenge, organising a brewery to

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Top Ten International Bars and International Themed Venues

Some beer in this picture, bit too much foam though. Maybe the photographer took the photo to kill time while he or she was waiting for the foam to go down?

Getting your fix of great and good foreign beverages can be a real challenge in any city. For locals it’s tricky to find a favourite from overseas and for visitors it can be a bit of a fuss to get

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