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Top Ten Public Barbecues

In this image our swan is crooning all about the top ten perth public BBQs

As an outsider Perth’s free barbies seem outlandishly generous. Honestly, it took me around 5 or so minutes to get my head around it. What was even more surprising was that the city has literally hundreds of them. Literally hundreds

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Top Ten Coffee

Some nice roasted coffee beans here. Have you ever tried eating them whole? It can be nice but ultimately not that rewarding, they taste a little bitter and have a funny texture.

Those of us not born in Perth will remember their first weekend in Perth. You decide to use your first few days before you start your new job to drive around the city and get your bearings. While you might love the scenery you

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Top Ten Restaurants

a famous Perth restaurant

“Where should we go tonight darling” this comment, along with a long pause is a staple conversation of almost all food loving couples. The cream of the crop may not be easy to frequent on a regular basis however knowing

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The best of the new menu at The Aviary

picture of some nosh from the Aviary, I like the place, very classy, very nice on a still night

It takes a pretty cold person to dislike the Aviary. Its rooftop beer garden looks like its taken directly from some sort of utopian beer advert or high society soap opera. The cityscape views are pretty impressive, even on colder

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Top Ten Korean BBQs

Bit of meat in this picture, our vision impaired friends who use screen readers may or may not like meat, I suppose its all down to their own preference and probably very little to do with whether or not they are vision impaired.

Here at top ten Perth we are very, very, very big fans of Korean BBQ. We constantly find ourselves looking out for and listening out for new places to sample the delights and we are permanently in awe of this

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