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Top Ten Parks

picture of a statue in a perth park

Picnics, barbecues, impromptu frisbie and great views are just some of the things we hope for from a good city park. For some it’s a flavour of the bush within driving distance. Whatever your preference it’s always important to know

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Top Ten Kings Park

the view from kings park

Kings park is a great place, its a huge park in the middle of the city. Close enough to the city to offer amazing views and big enough to have its own patch of bushland (untouched environments). Yes its the

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Top Ten Beaches

Picture of a beach with a few nice waves. From a far it looks like one of those Chinese arch things, but I can assure you it's not as exciting as that.

Barbecues, surfing, tanning and so much more is offered at so many of Perths beaches. However finding the right one is a real challenge. Some days the most appealing beach is the quietest and some days you can crave your

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Top Ten Snorkelling Spots

nice snorkelling pic here, looks pretty calm too which is pretty important when it comes to snooping on the fishes

In all truthfulness this top ten was possibly the most challenging of all. Snorkelling spots are very close to our hearts here at Top Ten Perth. Simply put there is nothing better than a still day, a snorkel mask and

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