Top Ten Stirling Range

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Stirling range is a very special place for Western Australia. Located just under 5 hours from Perth it’s well within reasonable car journey length. Considering how flat the area around Perth actually is it’s a real revelation to see something as dramatic as Bluff Knoll standing proud amongst the other peaks. Seen from Google maps the range and the respective national park sticks out like a green oasis from the sky. After visiting we were genuinely surprised that more Western Australians had not made the trek to what felt, at times, like a sort of pilgrimage.

mythic shot of Bluff Knoll, oh wait it's a pic taken from Bluff Knoll, still mythic though

What makes a number 1 entry in the Top Ten Stirling Range?
Without doubt Stirling Range deserves its own top ten. Ok, so some spots are a little tough and most poses a bit of a physical challenge, but the ranges views make that investment seem miniscule. As the only major mountain range within reasonable distance from Perth it really is something that all WA residents and blow-ins alike should be familiar with. Indeed the range is so spectacular that we here at Top Ten Perth think that their should be some form of monument to offer a symbol to the area which is in real need of awareness. Getting to “the top” of the top ten mountain for Stirling range is harder than you would think. The number one spot is reserved for elements of the range that can inspire real interest in peoples mind.

What gets the others in?

What’s really surprising is that there’s so much choice in the Stirling Range. We featured the mountains in some order of difficulty and then followed this with some of the other stop off and viewing points.

Final thoughts

People need to be aware of a few things before they set out on any trips. First; tell people where you’re going. Second; bring around 1 litre of water for every hour that you expect to be walking for. Third; be aware of the weather and wear suitable clothing and or sun protection. Finally people should exercise real care with the environment and should take the note of the signs and advice.

Our humble suggestion

Overall the area needs to be more connected to the Western Australian sense of a state identity. As Bold as it may sound we here at Top Ten Perth think that something like a large black swan monument could be positioned at the summit of the Bluff Knoll to announce the areas significance to all Australians and tourists. In an area desperately in need of additional symbolism what better way to frame the tourist pictures than the proud and unifying state bird? Environmental disturbance could be kept to a minimum with a small base and with permission, funding and some local help we really think the idea could take off!

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