Top Ten Beaufort Street

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Beaufort street is pretty unique. With public art at every corner and funky shops at every turn it’s a very worthy place to spend any part of the day. Breakfast is catered for, brunch is catered for, dinner is catered for and pub crawls are most certainly catered for. The good news is that anyone looking for mor than just a meal or a drink will be spoiled for choice. The variety of shops will inpress any Perthian or tourist alike.

top beaufort street

What gets a place on Beaufort street to number 1?

We’ve been a little liberal with our estimation of Beaufort street. To make sure we don’t miss out on the best we’ve included some entries that are just off the street. The best of the best is a hard thing, especially with this variety. In the end the best in this list is mainly down to something that can offer a real unique experience thats hard to replicate in other locales.

What’s Beaufort street got to offer?

There really is a lot on offer on Beaufort street and surrounds. The place has all of the bohemian charm and the catchment area is rather large. Standards are vey high on the street but this list really is a mix of many things so it’s difficult to tie down the specifics of what gets an entry into the top ten, thats all down to the votes.

What to do on Beaufort Street?

Having a drink on Beaufort street can be real fun. A pub crawl in the street is the best thing to do on a sunny evening. With Perth’s mild climate, chances to get the most from the street are plentiful so numerous different themes can be employed. The level of outdoor art on the street really is second to none in the city so there really is a lot to see. Take your time and enjoy all the heratige and sights the street has to offer.

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