Top Ten Breakfast Spots

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They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While that may be a popular saying it doesn’t mean that it’s taken particularly seriously. Here at Top Ten Perth we still see people dishonouring the meal that sets you up for the day, for shame! So what can we do with these terrible, terrible morning monsters? Well, as per usual it’s up to us to show these early eaters the way and the light. So with that in mind take a look at our Top Ten Breakfast spots.

This one looks like a bit of a starchy breakfast, looks like it would go down a treat after a night of overindulgence

What gets a breakfast spot to number 1?

`When you see a top tier breakfast spot you’ll know all about it. The best of the best in this category are always completely full on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Even with big numbers a top level breakfast spot will show real class. A number one spot will be completely undeterred by big numbers and will still retain its quality and service. This really is the sign of a great breakfast location because while facilities a good view and a good atmosphere are important, it’s critical that you don’t upset someone before they have had their morning coffee.

What gets the others in?

Real breakfast food options can be a challenge because apart from the normal Irish/British/European breakfast, there are not too many other options that are universally recognised. A great breakfast place will have its own signature dishes, to compliment some of the better known approaches to the morning meal. In addition to this it should have a real atmosphere that shakes off the last of the nights dozyness. Great coffee and tea are critical also.

Final thoughts

Great breakfasts can be spontaneous but it’s still a good idea to find a place where something good is on offer. Spending money on a breakfast you just happened upon and finding it very poor can set a bad tone for the day. The best approach is to do a little research and find a place that will set the right tone for the remainder of the day. So get out there and find out what tickles your fancy when it comes to the most important meal of the day. Will you break convention and try something unique and bold, even when you’re at your most cautious?

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