Top Ten Night Owls (places open in the middle of the night)

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So it’s the middle of the night, and you’re not ready for sleep. You’re a true night owl. You wanna get out there. You wanna see all the other weirdos that are up at this hour, don’t you. But where oh where is open? We here at Top Ten Perth we feel your pain. We know you just want to go somewhere fun while the rest of us are snoozing. For that reason we’ve made a nice list for you of all those unclose-able doors the city has to offer, because why bother sleeping, you’ll do enough of that when you’re dead.

Top Rating Night Owl Spots

1 Crown Perth - Burswood 4.88/5 (8)
2 Chinatown - Northbridge 4/5 (6)
3 The Moon late night cafe - Northbridge 3.67/5 (6)
4 Fast Eddys - Perth CBD 3.29/5 (7)
5 Jetts - Morley 3.29/5 (7)
6 Malt Supper Club - Mount 3.17/5 (6)
7 Leederville IGA - Leederville 3/5 (5)
8 Hungry Jacks - Perth CBD 2.17/5 (6)
9 U&I Cafe - Northbridge 1.63/5 (8)
10 McDonalds - Northbridge 1.56/5 (9)

Nice pic of a moon here, if you look closely you can see a few meteor strike zones, that would keep me up at night

What gets a middle of the night to number 1?

It really needs to be 24hrs. Ok a few of those on the list may close during the day but really you want a 24hr place which has all the hallmarks of a never closed establishment. It also needs all the quality and service you’d expect during the day, ok you might not get all that but they at least have to try. Variety is all important also for a very good reason. Variety is important because 24hr spots are like metropolitan islands, most times you can’t just go next door for a different experience.

What gets the others in?

Perth is not really a twenty four hour city. Yes it has its moments and yes it does have 24hr locales, but it doesn’t have a lot of them. To get into this list you just have to be open for at least a few hours between 1am and 6am and offer something of some value. We are lucky that most if not all 24hr locations in Perth are of fairly high stature so happily we’re not starved of entries.

Final thoughts

Perth is an interesting place in the middle of the night. Whatever you motives are the city can look very serene and beautiful during the witching hours. Along with this top ten night owls should consider checking out some of the really special places to see at these hours. Sun rise is very nice in Kings park and seeing the first waves of the day is pretty special in one of the cities amazing beaches. With all this in mind it’s a good idea to stay up at least once during your time in the city, if only to see something different from the norm.

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