Top Ten Lunch Spots

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Lunch time is, for many, just an in between meal. For those it’s just something that has to be done to fill the stomach on an average day. If you’re one of those people, you’re missing out. For other lunch time is a special time of the day, a opportunity to meet friends and savour food while to sun is still kicking and screaming. For those of you not already converted we here at Top Ten Perth have created another list all about the best possible lunch venues and experiences to get your head in the game.

Bit of grub in this pic, nice load of food going on, always popular

What gets a lunch spot to number 1?

A top lunch spot needs to take lunch seriously. The number one is in a way reserved for the great observers of the midday meal. Just offering a handful of options revolving around tired looking sandwiches is simply no longer enough to get a seat at the top table. To get to number one you need a great dining experience, food and ambiance which just works when the sun is at its daily peak. Special lunch menus with a twist and pushing unique plates and group eating options are also always appreciated.

What gets the others in?

There are actually some restaurants which close their doors at lunchtime. In a way this is the highest compliment to the twelve till two ritual. “Why open and offer a half baked lunch experience” I imagine them saying. In all a restaurant needs to offer a genuine lunch menu to get in. In addition to this, other efforts and entertainment which make that meal even more special will always be greatly received. After all is said and done a highly ranked listing will be able to offer more than just a lunch menu, having one eye on group eating and friendship eating experiences is also always a good idea.

Final thoughts

Lunch is too often overlooked as a meal. Lunch “al desko” is becoming more and more popular as office workers refuse to leave their seats. This is sad, business is personal, friendships are personal and people are personal, so why avoid them all. With this in mind we think everyone should get out there and not just enjoy their lunch food, but enjoy their lunch experience.

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