Top Ten Korean BBQs

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Here at top ten Perth we are very, very, very big fans of Korean BBQ. We constantly find ourselves looking out for and listening out for new places to sample the delights and we are permanently in awe of this great way to eat. Of course, we like steamboat too, but when it comes down to it we put Korean BBQ above and beyond all the rest. Maybe it’s the unique way it’s cooked (you cook the food yourself at the table) maybe it’s the atmosphere or maybe it’s the K-Pop (Korean pop music). Whatever it is, we love it!

What makes a number 1 Korean BBQ?

Korean BBQ really is a new entrant into the mix in Perth. Great locations have premises which has both an indoor and outdoor area the vibe is very much enjoyable, especially at locations which sit in the middle of an interesting area. A number one should offer a great range of food and maybe even throw in a little splash of K-Pop. A great Korean BBQ location should has everything you could possibly hope for in a Korean themed night out or even just a nice night filled with great Korean meats and side dishes.

What gets the others in?

Not all of Perth’s Korean BBQs have made the list. Some are simply too lowly graded and some are simply not visible online or in the general culinary landscape. Does this mean that there are no other good Korean BBQs out there? No, it doesn’t, however it does mean that they are not making their presence felt. The others got into the list, (which does feature two non Barbecue locations, a takeaway and a place where you can pick up the meat you usually get in the BBQ spots) because they offer the BBQ experience at a high level. As per usual facilities, cleanliness and service are all important in the order of the list.

Final Thoughts

Perth really is well stocked for Korean BBQ. To be honest we didn’t think we would get even nearly 10. The fact that we got eight (and a little bird told us that their is more on the way) is a great testament to the cities foodie landscape. So if you’ve never tried there really has never been a better time to hit a Korean BBQ in Perth! 

Other Ratings for this listing

Rating as an first date spot

4/5 (3)

0 1 2 3 4 5

Rating as a Work Night fun spot

3.44/5 (9)

0 1 2 3 4 5

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